about us Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, here at Easy-Edinburgh.co.uk we have over 17 years of IT expertise and 15 years of experience developing for the web. We always use recognised standards to ensure only the highest quality of code and compatibility.

The knowledge we have of development, testing, Linux and Windows operating systems and the hardware they run on means we always deliver to a top quality standard.
portfolio image of website www.neil-black.co.uk Every web site we design and develop adheres to the World Wide Web Consortiumsí (W3C) strict standards to ensure maximum compatibility across as many browsers, on as many platforms, as possible.

Take a look at the example of our work to the left. We are ideally suited to turning your idea into a workable, compatible web site.

Or , if you need a helping hand, let us design you a web site for you from scratch, giving you choice along the way to realise your goal on the web.